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Summer is about to ascend on us… and with that comes the summer schedule shift of kids at home 24/7! To most parents, summer’s seem like an impossible dream to keep the house tidy on a daily basis. Have no fear, NMSI has put together a list of kid-friendly chores!

Growing up with household chores isn’t all that bad for kids. In fact, it’s good for them and the chore usually hardest for the parents is enforcing them. Our kids can really put us to the test, making it so easy to just give up.

If you do you have problems setting rules about keeping the house clean between cleaning services, we suggest posting a list somewhere in plain site. Since everyone in the house is responsible for making the mess, everyone can do their part to keep the house tidy between cleaning services. This means everyone-including the spouse!

Posting a chores list is a great way to enforce the rules so your house stays tidy between residential cleaning services. Instead of having to argue with the kids over who has to do what, just point to the item on the chores list. Should be basically easy, since you have a cleaning service!

Some chores that could help between cleaning services are:

Washing dishes
Wiping countertops
Taking out trash
Sweeping or blowing porches
Spot vacuuming
Spot sweeping indoors
Dusting once a week
Picking up & putting away personal items
Tidying bathrooms
Laundry (just towels, kitchen towels, or sheets if you are having NMSI handle your laundry)

If approached in a fun, creative way, the list will go over great! Add some funny chores for the dog… or even a chore for the favorite stuffed animal! Use fun colors and award stars to completed tasks.

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