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Hey guys and gals! Welcome to our blog, and more interestingly, our first post on our first blog. It’s mid-September in northern Michigan and the autumn foliage is on fire!
This time of year always inspires me to throw open the windows, breathe in the crisp, cool air and think about fall cleaning – which is always a bit of a chore. Maybe it’s time to officially consider hiring a cleaning company to take over. Ever wonder what you do first?
“Finding a good, trustworthy house cleaner or cleaning service
can become a real challenge, especially for anyone
who hasn’t hired one before.” K. Dorman, NMSI
Northern Michigan Spotless Interiors (NMSI) can make this an easy process!
Decide whether you would prefer an individual who always shows up to clean your home, or a service that ensures someone always show up-whereby you are not responsible for screening, background checks, or carrying insurance. NMSI provides responsible, professional employees at all times.
Get recommendations. Ask family and friends. It’s also always good to read local reviews, and website information. Don’t be shy about asking for references you can contact. NMSI is proud of our referral rate and customer retention.
Make a list of chores you’d like them to tackle. Negotiate how many cleanings you require per month. Talk about rooms that are important, or others that just need to be dusted every other visit.
Make sure you meet in person, and do a walk thru. Spell out your expectations and be sure to point out what you are picky about.
Be on-site the first few visits. This gives everyone the opportunity to make sure the work is completed as requested.
Calculate the costs, and decide on a schedule that you are comfortable with. At NMSI, we adjust our schedule to accommodate your needs.
And last but not least, leave the cleaning to us, and enjoy this gorgeous Autumn weather with friends!

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